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Klever Suite 1.0 - One workspace for all your projects, tasks & Wiki docs | Product Hunt
Klever Suite 1.0 - One workspace for all your projects, tasks & Wiki docs | Product Hunt
Klever Suite 1.0 - One workspace for all your projects, tasks & Wiki docs | Product Hunt
Klever Suite 1.0 - One workspace for all your projects, tasks & Wiki docs | Product Hunt


Get notified in real-time


Never miss a task!


Kanban board made for you


Visualize your great ideas


Collaborate seamlessly


Track and understand your progress


Keep integrations in-sync

One workspace to accomplish all your goals

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Everything you need

The Klever way to work, grow and succeed

No more switching tools. Klever Suite empowers teams to get all their work done in one digital workspace.

Create multiple task tickets and delegate them in Klever Project
Write comments and tag members in Klever Project
Check Permission Settings for your project easily in Klever Project
Customizable Kanban board for Waterfall and Agile projects in Klever Project

Move work forward

Klever Project

Customizable Kanban board to your project, whether it’s a Waterfall vs Agile project or anything in between

  • Manage workload smoothly

  • Always stay aligned

  • Make milestones visible

  • Tailored task board for any project

See all your Wiki documents in Klever Wiki
Add and review your comments on the right sidebar in Klever Wiki
Create various diagrams and flowcharts with Klever Wiki
Share and export your documents to PDF or HTML in Klever Wiki

Teamwork minus the chaos

Klever Wiki

Share Wiki docs with your teammates or external collaborators in seconds

  • Access your docs whenever, wherever

  • Collaborate in real-time

  • Visualize your ideas for better communication

  • Share your docs the way you like

Check all your tasks across different projects with Master ToDo, available in Klever ToDo
Organize your daily tasks and work items at once in Klever ToDo
Create custom labels and sort how you view your tasks in Klever ToDo

Stay focused. Stay organized

Klever ToDo

Create custom labels, and see your tasks in List or Kanban view - you choose

  • Organize your tasks in one place

  • Achieve more every day

  • Make Klever ToDo yours

Klever Settings

A cybersafe workspace

All the flexibility and control you need to keep work safe and sound. Available across all Klever Suite apps

Safeguard your information

Configure each of Klever Suite's app settings and grant proper access clearance to your teams

Security settings made simple

Set project stage permissions, password controls, or customized user roles in Klever Settings

The smarter way to work

Klever Suite For All

Explore all the ways your teams can use Klever Suite, whether you’re a team of one or a growing team of 1,000+

  • Execute all kinds of projects at once

    Run your projects – Scrum vs. Waterfall, from start to finish with our customizable Kanban board

  • Understand what your team is up to

    Bring ideas to life and create your product roadmap, complete with charts and diagrams in Klever Wiki

  • Align teams with a source of truth

    Connect your Klever Project Kanban board with your project docs on Klever Wiki

  • Secure your project

    Customize and grant members proper security clearances from the Klever Project

Available integration tools

Ayaka Miyake
10 minutes ago

Team, feeling optimistic about our project progress. Your dedication has been outstanding. Let's keep our focus on goals and drive towards success

What SetsKlever Suite Apart

  • Integrated solution for all needs

    Leverage Klever Suite’s integrated apps to manage your entire operations in one platform

  • Beautiful interface

    Experience an intuitive interface design that works as you expect in any device

  • Developer friendly

    Let your developers focus on code and develop fast in Klever Suite with our well-documented Rest APIs

  • Competitive pricing

    Boosting productivity doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Klever Suite has all the core features you need at a fixed price

Plans built for teams of all sizes

Choose the perfect plan for you. Select the perfect plan, whether you’re an avid user or just getting started. Try Klever Suite today, no credit card required!



Free forever

For beginners eager to get started with project management

  • Flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use Kanban board

  • Streamlined collaboration in one workspace

  • Up to 12 users and 8 GB storage

  • Integrated with Slack

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user / month

All the essentials you need to deliver your best work

  • Collaborative workspace

  • Customizable Kanban board for all kinds of projects

  • Integrated with Slack

  • Unlimited number of users and 200 GB storage

Try 3 months for free

Most popular




user / month

For growing teams looking to boost productivity and keep teams connected with the tools they use

  • Master ToDo feature to consolidate all your tasks

  • Enhanced security and permissions management

  • Integrated with Slack and GitHub

  • Unlimited number of users and 2 TB storage

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For large enterprises seeking dedicated support and customized features

Klever Suite is a robust integration framework with well-defined APIs for your ERP needs. We can offer extra support such as:

  • Feature customization

  • ERP integration

  • Dedicated infrastructure setup for your company

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※ For customers in Japan, all pricing plans exclude consumption tax. See our pricing page for more details.

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Our Klever user

See how teams are turning to Klever Suite to work better, faster, smarter together

"Klever Suite simplifies managing projects and tasks; our teams can use it immediately since it’s a cloud-based workspace. Overall, Klever Suite consolidates all our data in one platform and has made our teamwork more efficient – it’s the productivity boost any team would ever want!"

Digital Transformation and New Businesses Group


"After COVID-19, many companies are determined to embrace business innovation through digital tools. Among the myriad of SaaS systems available, Klever Suite stood out with its remarkable UI affinity, extensive range of features, and, most importantly, its exceptional cost performance. Give Klever Suite a try!"

UPR Corporation, Technical Advisor

Former Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Yasuhisa Nakamura



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