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Plan, execute, and collaborate on any cross-team project with Klever Project, from Waterfall to Scrum and everything in between

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Why Klever Project?

Klever Project helps you move work forward – streamlining workflows for maximum efficiency across multiple teams, no matter where they are

Manage any project your way

Leverage Klever Project’s backlog for your Scrum project, or use our default Kanban board as it is. Our Kanban board supports all kinds of projects of any size

Get total visibility, instantly

Assign and delegate tasks to team members, oversee workflows, and spot roadblocks in Klever Project’s Kanban board

Deliver results powered by real-time data

Understand what’s happening with Klever Project’s reports. Utilize Project insights to help your team exceed its goals

Execute projects faster

Brainstorm, collaborate, and work together on tasks from anywhere in real time. Add relevant Klever Wiki docs links, comment on new changes, or add @mentions and get notified instantly

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See all task tickets in different stages of your project in Klever Project
Klever Project features different Reports at once. See your project tasks and progress with Gantt chartKlever Project features different Reports from Timesheet, Gantt chart, and Burn down chart

See the whole picture at once

Set time-log, story points, and due dates for each task ticket. Monitor the team’s progress, priorities, and workload in Klever Project’s reports – starting from Sprint burndown chart, Gantt chart or timesheet. Celebrate project milestones, and identify blockers before it even happens

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Assign security clearances

Every project has its security requirements. Set permissions and adjust team members’ clearances according to their roles

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Running your projects has never been simpler

Klever Project empowers teams to do their best with true transparency and secure cross-team collaboration


Create onboarding feature

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Add Task

Get clarity on each task

Each task has different requirements. Breakdown bigger tasks into smaller, manageable subtasks. Add vital task details for clarity – from attachments, images, or videos to explain action items


Customize your view

Everyone digests information differently. Add labels to each task ticket and visualize your project progress the way you see it best - in Kanban or List view

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Set your priorities straight

Cut the chaos and focus on what matters most. Assign task priorities from high to low, and track critical action items with our Kanban board filters

Klever Project works for  

Project Managers
Exceed all project milestones
  • Customizable Kanban board for your Scrum or Waterfall project
  • Get insights in real-time with Klever Project’s reports
  • Track team progress with due dates, story points, and estimates
  • Tailor security clearances depending on the project
Boost your conversion rate
  • Visualize your marketing campaign workflows with our Kanban board
  • Communicate with teams directly on critical items with direct comments and @mentions
  • Get notified of new changes on action items
  • Keep content creation, editing, and production tasks in sync in one Kanban board
Ship code faster
  • Delegate tasks with Agile-friendly task tickets with subtasks
  • Get aligned with teams quickly by adding attachments or images directly
  • Add comments and tag team members with @mentions on relevant action items
  • Seamlessly track and manage GitHub and GitLab activity from Klever Project

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View and filter task tickets by the assignee in Klever Project

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