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Be more productive with Klever ToDo

It’s easy to get lost along the way when work gets busy. See all your tasks in Klever ToDo, so you never need to wonder what matters most

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Why Klever ToDo?

Klever ToDo helps teams stay focused and organized no matter where they are or how busy work gets

Maintain clarity and transparency

Always be aware of your next action items with Master ToDo, including tasks assigned to you in Klever Project

Stay productive at all times

Klever ToDo simplifies task management so you can prioritize work more. See what’s a high priority and focus on what matters

No more hidden tasks

Get a 360 view of your tasks. See all action items on your personal ToDo list or from Master ToDo, so nothing ever falls through the cracks

Make all of your to-dos transparent

Never lose focus with Master ToDo. See all the tasks assigned to you from different projects in Klever Project

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View your tasks from different projects by their priority from Klever ToDo's Master ToDo
View your tasks from different projects by their priority from Klever ToDo's Master ToDo
View your tasks from different projects by their priority from Klever ToDo's Master ToDo
View all tasks from different projects that you are in from Klever ToDo's Master ToDo

Filter by Priority





Filter your tasks from different projects in Klever Project by priority from Klever ToDo's Master ToDo

Understand priorities at a glance

Stay focused on what truly matters by prioritizing your tasks in Klever ToDo. Easily filter and sort your tasks based on priority so you always stay aligned with the high-level objectives

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Make Klever ToDo yours

View your task board the way you see it best. Customize how you view your personal ToDo tasks in List view or a Kanban board

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Klever ToDo works for  

Project Managers
Get a clear overview of all your project tasks
  • Get an organized look at all of your project tasks in one place
  • See and focus on higher-priority action items so you never miss a project milestone
  • Get real-time visibility on current action items and identify any possible delays or issues
See the big picture of all your marketing channels
  • Track and view all your tasks on multiple marketing campaigns in one go
  • Plan and manage content creation tasks carefully so you never miss an SNS post
  • Stay focused on high-priority items and give critical marketing initiatives the attention it deserves
Simplify managing tasks and focus on the code
  • Track all your feature implementation and bug fixes tasks at once
  • Manage your workload across multiple projects in one go
  • See how much time and effort is spent in each task and identify areas of improvement

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